Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why are they called brainless??

Today I finished the "brainless" socks, very very comfy socks, I've worn them all day.  I'm very happy with them!  I just wonder why they are called brainless, the pattern wasn't hard, but a certain amount of braincells were needed to make them.  On the other hand the socks themselves certainly are brainless.

I really recommend the pattern from ravelry's brainless socks, and I also recommend the cast on technique Judy's magic cast on and the very strechy cast off  jssbo

There is always a certain amount of sadness involved in casting off, even a simple project like this one.  Somehow it's like saying goodbye to a friend. 

Luckily there are new projects waiting, the piecing of the pinwheel quilt is almost done and I am very much looking forward to quilting it.

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