Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Geraniums and an elderberry

The scrappy helix scarf

Since I have nothing else to do with my time (like packing for the move, working on the Storm-at-sea quilt, knitting the Ullared sweater, or... gasp... cleaning the house) I've started a helix scarf with the leftover yarn from the Shifty triangle mittens.

This is what I did:
Yarn: Drops Delight,
         Color nr 10
         50gr = 175 meters (1,76 oz = 191 yards)

I used two double pointed needles 3mm because they don't take much space when knitting.

Cast on 20-40 stitches (depending on how wide you want your scarf), I did 30.
Knit all the stitches on the needle, turn.
*Knit 8-15 stitches (how wide do you want the center of your scarf?), I did 10.  With the yarn behind the work, slip a stitch purl wise.  Turn. Knit to the end of the needle.
Knit 4-8 stitches (I did 5).  With the yarn behind the work, slip a stitch purl wise.  Knit to the end of the needle.
Now knit all the stitches on the needle, to the othe side.*
Repeat from * to * until desired length.  (and then add some or you will think it's too short..)

Good Luck and enjoy your knitting!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Quilting the Storm-at-sea

I've been trying to figure out how to quilt Storm.  I had an all-over feather pattern all thought out and everything.

But once I got it in the machine.... it didn't want all over feathers...  This is what happened instead:

I think I'm going to make the swirl in the square-in-a-square larger and fill the block, and I'll make another swirl inside the biggest block - because the feathered wreath doesn't show up well enough to make it worth the trouble.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Do you get all silly over mittens too?

Have you seen this web page?  It appears simple at first sight, but I can drool over it for ages!  So many wonderful mittens...

Cimdu Raktsi