Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Spinning spring birch

I bought a couple batts of mixed wool from limmo, she called them birches in the spring (or something similar) which is exactly what comes to mind with these colors!

I got to practice my long draw.  At times it worked great... but with a mixed wool bat the changes in texture was... challenging!

What they will become when they grow up?  I have no idea, they haven't told me yet!

Friday, November 11, 2011

More wool!

I've been splurging on wool, wool and more wool!

First I got more of the swedish rya wool I was spinning earlier, spun woolen it turns out fairly course but nice for socks.  Spun worsted it's shiny and smooth, I've got a 50 gr skien that is going to become a beaded shawl.

Rya yarn

From the same breeder I got some mixed breed (rya and swedish fine wool) wool that is sooo very soft, 10 cm long fibers, and absolutely full of grease...  I spun a small amount in the grease with very good results, easily spun, very soft.  Unfortunately all that grease really messes up my wheel... I have washed a couple locks, we'll see how that spins up.

Mixedbreed rya/fine wool

Then I found some GORGEOUS Gotland wool.  I just couldn't resist it..

Gotland wool

Gotland wool locks

See what I mean?  Impossible to resist.