Finished projects 2011

Blue Midget mittens in red

The black yarn is a 2 ply wool yarn bought at a yard sale.  The red yarn is home spun, the wool is bought as mixed wool locks in different red/pink/orange colors.
The pattern is from Solveig Larssons book Vantboken - Solveigs vantar.  One of my favorite books right now.
I really enjoyed the pattern and I'm very happy with the mittens.

Sara's mittens
Made for my sweet sister Sara.  The pattern is from Ravelry's pattern database, it's called  Egyptian Mittens by Tuulia Salmela. Made with 2-ply wool yarn, they were a blast to knit.

Brainless socks
The pattern is from Ravelry, and yes, they are called Brainless.  Don't ask me why...
The yarn is some generic sock yarn I found at a yarn store.  They were lots of fun to knit, toe up with a braid on the sides and a neat gusset.

My new winter's hat
I spun the yarn on my Traveller from some swedish fine lambs wool.  The pattern is from A knitter's dozed - Hats, a wonderful book of patterns.  

Lint mittens
Called so because the yarn I had spun from home grown angora rabbits and saved for many years for that very special project turned out looking like lint when it was finally knitted. 
The pattern is from Solveig Larssons book Vantboken - Solveigs vantar. I like the look of the pattern, but I didn't enjoy handling 3 strands of yarn at a time.  Especially since the pattern didn't really call for it.  If I use it again I will re-design it so there are only 2 strands at once.  Otherwise a good pattern.
The finished mittens are carded to make them very fuzzy and warm, both on the in- and outside. 

Pin wheel quilt

Made from Thimbleberry fabrics.  Simple pin wheel design.  No borders, only binding.  Backing antique sheeting.  All over quilting in a clam and pebbles pattern.

A winter's vest
Started one evening when I felt cold and wised for a woolly, soft vest to cuddle in.  I had the yarn waiting and calling to me to be used, so I started knitting.  The pattern kind of made itself while I was knitting.  Warm, simple and has a pocket in the front for my iPod.  Perfect!  The pattern can be found here

Winter mittens to match my new winter hat
The yarn is spun on my Traveller from Swedish fine wool, it is very soft lambs wool so I had to put lots of twist into it to make it durable enough for mittens.  The pattern is from Solveig Larssons book Vantboken.  They were a joy to knit!

Shifty triangle mittens

A original design made with 2 balls of varigated yarn to get the shifty effekt.  The yarn is Drops Delight colorscheme 10.  The balls do not varigate the same way, so making two mittens with the same colorscheme was impossible with 2 balls of yarn, I would have needed a 3rd ball.

Pattern can be found here

Reindeer sock

I ran across this pattern at Drops website  and couldn't help myself.  I'm quite happy with them, warm, cozy and not completely ugly.