Monday, January 24, 2011

A day of everything and nothing

Today has been a strange day.  I've done some knitting on the second brainless sock, and done quite a bit on the pinwheel quilt, but mostly my mind has been caught up with a house we looked at Sunday... if we actually get to buy it we will have everything we've dreamed of:  a heated garage, a woodworking/metalworking shop, a sauna, a big kitchen and great living room, and (and this is what gets me drooling...) a large sewing room with it's own balcony with a view of the woods.  Aaaah, dare I dream?

Speaking of dreams, let me introduce you to my second sewing machine, a Husquarna treadle.  She only sews a straight stitch but she does it wonderfully.  And there is no denying she is a beauty. 

I've been piecing the pinwheel quilt on her, very happy with the results.  The stitches somehow feel tighter than on my electric machine.  I'm going to try quilting on her, hopefully tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

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