Sunday, January 30, 2011

All work and no play...

I've worked all weekend, and will continue to do so tomorrow too.  I love my job, but it does keep me away from Green Greta and my knitting needles.

It's strange how close we get to our patients.  We don't really know them, just met them a couple times before, but we know all about their lives in this moment.  All about their fears and worries.  Probably more than they know about their future.

I work as a palliative nurse in end-of-life care.  I work on the palliative floor in the hospital and I work in home care.  Today I got an insight into my patients life that I really didn't want.  I don't want to know how horrible they have been to their loved ones.  I don't want to know how much they wish they could live their lives over again and do it lovingly.  I don't want to hear how their spouses tell me how they want to care for them at home despite all them mean things they are told.  But I hear, and I see, and I comfort and help.  I will stand by them till the end and treat them with dignity and respect and hold their hand in the end.  Because everyone should be treated such.

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