Sunday, February 6, 2011

Playing on the design wall... ("tutorial" for beginners)

This is not so much a tutorial as me talking to myself... but you might enjoy it anyway.

I love playing around on the design wall, turning the blocks this way and that way, they look so very different every time I try something new.  I just made a whole bunch of square in a square blocks and spent some time playing with them.

The most obvious way to place them is just next to each other:

..and they look just fine, right?  Then I turned them on point, just to see what happens:

Hey, I like that.  Nice and symmetrical.  But maybe a little boring, so I pulled them apart and pretended my green design wall is another fabric:

I like that too.  But just to complicate things, I took out some blocks I had already made:

Now that adds some life, but maybe it looses some of the simplicity...  See what I mean, there's a lot of possibilities.  Make your own pattern, don't just follow others!

Speaking of following others... want to know what all these square in a square blocks are for?  A very traditional block:  It's going to be a Storm at Sea quilt.  Se the block in the middle?


  1. Va duktig du är, jag är imponerad! Gillar ditt pysslande och jag gillar dig!!!!! kram Mariah

  2. Tack det samma, sitter här och tänker på dig och hur ni har det...