Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lint mittens...

Sometimes I get so disappointed!

Last night I started a new pair of mittens (I know, another pair..).  I got out a yarn I spun 15 years ago that I really love and have been saving for something special.

The yarn is 50% swedish fine wool and 50% rabbit angora.  I had grown the rabbits myself, cut them, dyed the wool, carded, spun on a spindle and plied it. It's not award winning spinning, but I LOVED the result, so very soft and sweet colors.

So I was all excited about finally making something with it.  Maybe a birthday present for my sweet sister.  What happens?  The knitting is fine, but that beautiful ball of yarn turns into some weird lint color that looks like I raided the dryer...

Yes, I am disappointed.

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