Saturday, February 12, 2011

Immersed in Alpaca

This weekend is spent mostly at work, but I'm trying to get as much time as possible in my sewing room.  At the moment I'm working on the Storm-at-sea quilt piecing the diamond blocks, chain sewing up a storm. (ha, ha!)

A couple weeks ago my mother and I went to see a woman who owns alpacas, she wanted to get rid of some wool and I really wanted to help her.  The wool is raw, so I've been washing it the last couple days and am now pick through it to clean and sort it. 

Alpaca wool

I probably should have done this before washing, but it is so very dusty and I did'nt want all that dust in the house.  The wool is just wonderfully soft and the Alpaka herself is the cutest thing!

Cinammon the Alpaca

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