Friday, August 12, 2011

The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt

I've bought a new book, which in itself is not astonishing news..  But I wanted to share this one with you, since I'm a little in love with it.

It's Laurie Aaron Hird's The Farmer's Wife sampler Quilt.  It is full of wonderful letters from farmer's wives about why they would want their own daughter's to marry a farmer.  For a scrappy quilt lover like myself, the quilt blocks and the quilt is just.... sigh.... wonderful...

I couldn't help myself, so I made some of the blocks just for fun.  I haven't worked much with templates so this was a new adventure, the accompanying CD has all the templates.

Of course I had to hand sew since Laurie hand pieced her quilt, and I just love the look of hand piecing.  There is something very sweet about the not-quite-perfect in (at least my) hand piecing.

Here is block nr 7

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