Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sewingroom in progress

You didn't think I would let my sewing room stay empty for long did you?

I'm far from done, but it is functional at the moment.  I've got a work bench along one wall and with a corner unit where my sewing machine is set up.

There are 4 storing units instead of legs for the work bench.  2 of them are full of yarn and one is packed with buttons, thread, needles and all that wonderful stuff.  I've got see through plastic boxes for scraps.  The bigger scraps are sorted by color, and then I have a simpler version of Bonnie Hunters scrap users system, in the future I will cut more of my scraps according to this.  Then I've got a book case with glas doors for the rest of my fabrics. 

In front of the window I've placed my beloved treadle machine. It doesn't show on the picture, but it's there.

My design board isn't in place yet, so I've started pinning on the very ugly wallpaper....

The blocks on the top are from the Scrap Happy BOM (click on "for members" and then on "block of the month" and then on "2010") , it's been a blast to sew, I can really recommend their BOMs!

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