Monday, March 7, 2011

Playing on the design wall - storm at sea.

I've got all the pieces sewn for the Storm-at-sea quilt and I've been trying to deside on the lay out.... Here we go!

The traditional Storm-at-sea layout:

Ok, so traditionally it should be in blues and greens...  I really like how the straight lines somehow curve over the design,  making circles and waves.  Looking at it now I'm wondering why I didn't make the diamond blocks in the lightest fabric bringing out the star shapes...

With added diamond and square in a square blocks:

I really like the lines working together in this layout leading the eye back and forth over the quilt.

Let's put it all on point:

It seems to me the waves come out more when the blocks are on point.  I like this!

Now, lets add more diamonds and square in a square: 

I like it, but maybe it's a little busy?

I'm going for the third option, a traditional layout on point.  I like the waves and the simplicity of the lines.

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